Installation Requirements

Installation Requirements
Prior to Installation the lift will require an individual 3-phase / Single phase connection. The electrical supply to the lift should also embody an earth leakage circuit breaker having appropriate characteristics in accordance with BS 7671.
• Permanent electrical connection to be completed by a qualified electrician.
The Floor Condition
• The concrete floor should be level and of the correct strength and depth to enable the lift to be erected safely.
• The lift must be installed on a level concrete floor, having minimum thickness of 12.5cm* with a minimum grade of M25 as used in general construction situations and must be relatively smooth and levelled in all directions. *The depth of concrete can be ascertained by a simple test drilling of 12mm diameter that confirms our minimum depth requirement.
• We do not under any circumstances install lifts on asphalt.
It is imperative that the floor on which the lift is to be installed meets the above requirements.
• At the very least it will reduce the performance of the lift or incur property damage or personal injury
• Failure by the purchaser to confirm these recommended requirements may result in the lift not being able to be erected and will incur a charge of 60% of the quotation..
• Whereas electrical testing can be under taken by RW Garage Equipment to confirm the operation of the equipment it is legally required that the final electrical installation must be undertaken by a qualified electrical engineer.
• On the assumption that this is a 240v single phase installation it must be noted that the electrical breakers should be a 32 amp ‘C’ or ‘D’ rated breaker due to the initial loading of the motor on start up as opposed to standard ‘A’ and ‘B’ rated breakers which operate up to 16 and 32 amps respectively.

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