Legal Requirements


  • The vehicle lift should be installed taking into account its position and the accessibility of all parts so that periodic examinations, testing, maintenance and repairs can be readily and safely carried out.
  • The suitability of the floor or surface; e.g. concrete etc., should be assessed in order to confirm its capability of supporting localized loads that are imposed by maximum loads when operating the vehicle lift.
  • Regulation 6 of LOLER [2] requires that the lifting equipment is positioned or installed in such a way as to reduce, to as low as is reasonably practicable, the risk of the equipment or load striking a person. Therefore, in addition to the positioning of the lift, the lifting operation being carried out should be assessed before the equipment is installed.
  • Fixed vehicle lifts should be positioned so that throughout their range of movement any moving part is either at least 600mm away from, or not more than 12mm away from the nearest fixed structure. Fixed vehicle lifts should not be less than 600mm away from any other adjacent fixed structure throughout the movement of the lift.
  • Where a vehicle lift is being installed adjacent to any other equipment that moves vertically, the clearance between the equipment and the lift should be at least 600mm. Consideration should be given prior to installation to the position of adjacent doorways and other possible hazards.
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